Three Ways To Improve The Connection With VOIP Phone System

VOIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, lets you make telephone calls via an Internet connection instead of requiring a separate phone line. Adding VOIP lines to your home or small business can save money over having additional phone lines. 

But some people are concerned that the VOIP call quality will not be as good as with a dedicated line. In fact, because the Internet uses a packet-switching technology that moves packets of data along, sometimes a packet can get skipped or retransmitted. This doesn't matter with data like email, but it can cause a short, temporary issue with sound quality. 

The top three issues with phone call quality are fixable, however. If your new VOIP telephone doesn't sound quite right, here are tips on how to make it all better.

1. Eliminate Choppy Calls

If your audio is sounding chopped up and unclear on more than an occasional basis, it is usually because you don't have enough Internet bandwidth. This can be a problem from time to time, but if it happens regularly, you might have a poor connection. Ideally, your phone service provider would have checked your available bandwidth before recommending installation, so you know the problem hasn't always been there. Try these possible solutions:

  • Check to make sure you don't have some computer program that is requiring a huge amount of bandwidth. Some culprits are online games or file sharing applications. You might also have malware on your computer that is using up valuable resources. Have a computer repair technician review your desktop and laptop computers for bandwidth-hogging issues.
  • Increase your bandwidth with your Internet Service Provider. For some people with the lowest speed of data transmission, phone calls can get choppy more often because there's simply not enough bandwidth available. An upgrade is likely to be cheaper than a second land line for the phone.
  • The codec, or compressed software that makes the phone calls use less bandwidth, might not be working ideally with your setup. Sometimes your VOIP provider can change the codec to something that works better.

2. Reduce Echoes.

When you hear an echo on the phone line, it's usually caused by faulty equipment. You may be better served by an upgraded new telephone. Other causes can include other devices causing interference, like a Caller ID box; or poor quality phone lines.

Sometimes echoes can be improved by turning down the volume on your handset. However, ideally you should invest in a new telephone that won't give you acoustic feedback that leads to echoes.

3. Get Rid of Static.

Interference in the line can cause static on a regular or a VOIP phone system. Sometimes cordless phones pick up extra static because they are getting interference from other wireless devices in your home or office. Try turning off other wireless devices until you locate the offending device. 

Cordless telephones can also be of low quality and need to be replaced with new and more modern handsets.

Finally, power supplies for the base of the phone might be incorrect. Be sure you've got the proper one installed and that there are new batteries in the handset to reduce any sound of static.

In addition, with any connectivity problem, you may need to reboot your modem for a better connection. Talk to your provider about other problems you might have and how to solve them.

For more information, contact CommPro Communication Specialists or a similar company.

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